personal projects

One of the reasons I made a site was to have a place to hold all personal projects I’m working on. Below is a collection of items I’ve held near and dear to me. They are a combination of images, words, and sometimes sounds.


Fibroids: Sisterhood of Silence

For decades, uterine fibroids have been an issue plaguing women, in particular women of color. In this personal project, I speak to doctors about their prevalence and what’s being done research wise to track and determine best practices for treatment while discussing the implications of the medical condition with women who are impacted.


Sounds Like Peace

“Sounds Like Peace” is my take on showing visually what peace feels like. I was excited to work alongside a number of talented people to brainstorm what peace feels, tastes, and sounds like and we set out to find ways to take those things and make them tangible, to then capture them in a picture.